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Whether you are preparing for a festival competition, school audition, additional preparation for a class, or a professional role, I will work closely to ensure you have the confidence and understanding of the piece you will perform.  

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With over 18 years experience of working in theatrical environments, beginning in 2002  at the Claremont School of Theatre, as well as California, New York, and International Thespian Festivals, I have worked with hundreds of high school and college students, preparing them for theatre festivals, competitions, college auditions, classroom preparation, and more. 


I'll highlight the strengths of each student, allowing them to grow and evolve within their acting abilities. 

I'll personalize each session for the student, ensuring our time relates to their specific goals. 

  •     Preparation For Acting Competitions

  •     Preparation For Castings & Self-Tapes      

  •     Developing A Role You’ve Been Cast In

  •     Troubleshooting During A Rehearsal Or Shoot

  •     Ongoing Practice Of Scenes & Monologues 

  •     Casting Technique & Audition Practice

  •     Accessing Emotions & Emotional Triggers

  •     Character Work & Range Choices

  •     Script Breakdown & Scene Analysis

  •     On-Location Coaching & On-Set Support 

An understanding of how to work on a scene. You will learn a very practical way to convert words on the page into emotionally truthful and expressive acting. This step-by-step process will make clear what is essential to bring a scene to life and provide you with a set of reliable tools to make this happen on a consistent basis. 


A deeper understanding of how to work on and develop a role. We will tackle effective ways to rehearse and you will learn learn how to break down a script and then create and embody a character. By learning how to make bold and interesting choices you will be able to bring a character to life with behavior that is meaningful.



All ages welcome


Sessions can be via Zoom or in-person if local to Los Angeles.

(Additional fees for travel beyond 25 miles)

1 on 1 sessions: $75/hr

Group Sessions: 90 min: $150 (Up to 4 people. An additional $25 for each additional person) 


5 Sessions: $300

10 Sessions: $550

Referral discounts: 

20% off individual sessions

15% off packages. 

Refer 5 people - 1 free session 

Workshops and presentations are available upon request.

Inquire about rates.


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Los Angeles CA 90042

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