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The Arts Unite the Human with Humanity


Founded in 2012, Artcentricity, Inc, (non-profit, 501c3) encourages creativity, appreciation and engagement with the arts.


This early access can have a profound impact on improving happiness and wellbeing and gives children and young people a key to increase their knowledge of the arts, a curiosity to explore and develop and ultimately to realise a talent that will last for the rest of their lives.


Developmental theatre lies at the heart of our productions. Artcentricity encourages children and young people to draw out and learn from current issues, which promotes understanding, engagement and enjoyment.


Art would not exist without those who experience it. That is experience goes beyond the artist.  Teach respect to the artist to those who are not overcome by that passion.

What We Are & Do

Artcentricity promotes this potential through a spirit of openness and imagination. 


The experience of a child’s imagination at play becomes an art in itself. As they learn to take risks and experiment within a safe and fun environment, we hope they will engage with their learning and be better prepared for the changing world in which they live.  Our policy celebrates every child’s personal artistic style.


Arts and creativity are universal and creative traditions and can be represented in any country and in any medium.


* create a collaborative forum for youth-related arts programs, events, workshops, festivals, and more…


* design curriculum, goals, and ideals which can be shared and developed


* provide children with creative space, tools, and confidence


* nurture diversity and embrace experiences


* promote a safe environment for the development of mutual respect and self-expression


* actively support programming for schools and youth groups

Appreciation for the arts is not limited to artists. Neither is imagination. Neither is art.

We have the ability to become united through the arts, whether you call yourself an artist or not.  And stifling a child’s creativity only limits development and their overall perspectives.


When examining just the simple foundation of the word art (the expression of human creative skill and imagination) without pretense, That is one of the greatest gifts you can offer a child–exploration of their imagination and creativity. By instilling these values of imagination and self-expression in children, the possibilities are endless. 


Artcentricity highlights and supports arts programs in America and further afield by exposing youth to various creative and cultural traditions, leading to a more global appreciation of diversity. We actively seek to build relationships with similar programs in other countries and explore multi-culturalism around the world.  


Whether targeting social issues or self-discovery, creative arts have the ability to teach life skills, including the basics of human interaction, communication, and collaboration, along with social skills and self-confidence. An added bonus is the way we embrace fun, silliness, and absurdity!


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