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Raised in a Candy Store...yep, but my childhood hardly reflected that of Willy Wonka. However, there were many moments of absurdity, overconsumption, and temptation.  I have a bit of a different twist on the kid in the candy store. My mom owned the town candy shop, and from the day I was born, I was surrounded by sweets and decadence. Even after my mom sold her shop, I briefly carried on the legacy by taking a job at a new ice cream/candy shop, working my way up to Candy Manager by the age of 14.

Alas, I retired from the candy business at the age shortly after turning 16--remarkably enough, remaining cavity-free. As sweet as those moments in the shop were, I decided to focus on my art and creative urges in a less perishable medium.  ​

My passion shifted to Arts, whether performance or visual. Candy may be sweet but hardly as filling as my love for Theatre Arts.

Greg's true connection to children's theatre began at the tender age of ten when he participated in the Claremont School of Theatre Arts, CSTA, summer program.  After four years as a student, he worked his way up through the ranks. He stayed part of the family as an intern, assistant teacher, acting/movement teacher, and finally taking the position of assistant director. Alongside these achievements, he was also a proud Thespian in high school, as a member of troupe 2129, proving that theatre was fast becoming his driving force.


Greg earned a degree in Psychology from the University of San Diego.  During that time, he worked at the CASRC, the Child and Adolescent Research Centre.  In addition to this training, he spent four years working with a local chapter 1 middle school, working with math, science, and the arts and collaborating and co-supervising the AVID program.


Greg has been fortunate enough to work with a diverse group of theatre companies. Most notably, his work with the National Drama Company in Ghana, participating in all areas, not only as a performer.  This work has only solidified that the language of theatre and art is universal. It brings together diverse groups, surpassing boundaries such as religion and social background.

In the theatre, you are not alone.  It is a unifying force; no matter if you are alone or seemingly feel alone, art swiftly brings you together.

​Founder/Executive Director of Artcentricity Inc. in 2012. A 501c3 non-profit project based Arts Organization geared towards child development





"Art – cen – tric - i- ty"

a. Referring to a state of art, creativity, imagination and
individuality applied to all facets of behavior and life.
b. The freedom of creative exploration that promotes and encourages
belief in oneself at their core.


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